10 Essential Zero Waste Items for Baby

10 Essential Zero Waste Items for Baby

We are continuing with our zero waste lifestyle, and as we approach day 44 (say whaaat?) I wanted to share some of our favorite ways to stay zero waste with our almost 18 month old.

Zero waste integration into our family was done with minimal planning. I don’t consider myself much of a prepper in my own life, but as soon as motherhood hit I was forced into a planning, preparing and executing lifestyle that has served me (and my family) well. There are days that a soccer ball or perhaps even a shoe gets left behind, but such is life…amiright?


Blog meet Griffin — Griffin meet blog. If you follow us on Instagram you know a little bit about baby G. He is an active toddler with a deep love for his brother, snacks, slides, balls and emptying out my diaper bag / purse / wallet. He is an excellent helper and is frequently seen wearing mismatched pajamas and Freshly Picked moccasins.

Now that we have salutations out of the way, lets get started on our top 10 essential zero waste baby items …

1. Cloth diapers

If you don’t use anything on this list except for switching from disposable diapers to cloth, I can guarantee you will see at least 50% reduction in your household waste. We use the brand Smart Bottoms because they are organic cotton with an all in one feature that makes spraying a piece of cake. I also talked with the company and they encourage sending the packaging back (which is recycled cardboard) for reuse. TADA! Zero waste!

Also, come on. They’re so stinking cute.

2. Fleece wipes

Good for cleaning tooshies, faces, hands and any other mess that pops up during the day. Ours were purchased from the brand Bumkins but if you wanna get super thrifty you can make your own out of $1.50 fleece blankets you can find at Walmart. Together with the cloth diapers we have reduced our household waste by over 65% when using fleece wipes. Spray clean, throw in the wash with the diapers and continue to reuse.

3. Wool balls with lavender essential oil

Tired of using wasteful dryer sheets? Me too. I absolutely love, love, love wool balls as a replacement! Dab some lavender or lemon essential oil from DoTerra on before the dry cycle, pop them in with your clothes and inhale lavender goodness all day long.

This is the easiest, cheapest and best zero waste laundry item in our household and the essential oil has calming properties for Griffin at bed and during the day. If you are interested in buying some lavender, lemon or any other fresh smelling essential oil — make your way over here


4. Simple Ecology muslin bags

We have two sets of Simple Ecology produce bags. One is a mesh used for items like oranges, apples, etc. and a set of muslin bags that are perfect for bulk flour, trail mix and other fine particle purchases. The muslin bags are also so perfect for an on the go snack bag. I was so sick of using and throwing away sandwich bags full of pretzels, goldfish, dried fruit and fig bars… what a waste! Once these came into my life we reduced a ton of kitchen waste AND Griffin LOVES to carry around the little bag himself.

5. Wet bags

Wet bags and cloth diapers go hand in hand. For diapering purposes a dirty cloth diaper zips in to one pocket and stays there until you are back at home or ready to do laundry. The beauty of wet bags is that they serve more than one purpose! Aside from diapers I use ours for any clothes or swim suits that are dirty, wet or soiled in some way shape or form. I always keep one in the car and one at home so I am never without a bag for potential spills.

6. Coconut oil

If you’re a mom and don’t know the magic that is coconut oil… where have you been hiding? Dr. Bronner’s organic, virgin coconut oil rules our roost. We have one container for cooking and another for moisturizing. Griffin has incredibly sensitive skin and organic coconut oil is amazing for repelling water, moisturizing his skin, reducing inflammation and is also cloth diaper safe! There are literally thousands of ways you can use coconut oil in your home, and on baby is one of the best ways.

Even better, after purchasing our Dr. Bronner’s coconut oil we found Winco carries bulk coconut oil refill so we never have to worry about buying another glass container again since it does have a plastic wrap around the top.

7. Balm! Baby ointment

I was head over heels excited when I took a trip to my local natural parenting store in Old Town Scottsdale called Zoolikins and found Balm! This stuff not only can be used as a moisturizer but is amazing on cuts, rashes, bug bites, eczema, diaper rash, burns, chapped lips, dry hands and so much more. AND it gets EVEN better because (drum roll please) ….. THERE IS NO PLASTIC PACKAGING AT ALL!!!!!! Not anywhere!!!!! Rejoice!!

8. Bamboo toothbrush

Little tots need their teeth clean, too. We found an awesome compost friendly toothbrush at Whole Foods and it really does the trick! It did come in packaging that wasn’t 100% compostable (whomp, whomp). I haven’t had much luck with Amazon when I ask for no plastic, puffy packaging + their shipping boxes are covered in ink (no go for compost when you want to grow plants to eat). None the less, the toothbrush IS compostable and IS amazing, soft and waste free.


9. Sustainable toys

Some of our favorite brands are PlanToys and Green Toys. Both brands use sustainable or 100% recycled materials. I also sent an email through customer service and asked for shipping to not include any kind of plastic stuffing or plastic wrap. Green Toys was awesome with their response and honored my wishes.

10. Hand me down / second-hand clothes

Having a big brother has helped as far as clothes buying goes. We are also incredibly lucky to have a huge network of friends who have given us clothes that their kids have outgrown. When our 60 days is over, we will definitely continue to buy gently used clothes from second hand stores and/or continue to cycle our hand me downs to other friends.


Was this post helpful? Do you want to know more? Leave a comment below and continue following our zero waste journey!



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