Pregnancy Tests and Pinkeye

When we first decided to travel there was a lot of concern from other people as to how on earth we’d possibly care for our kids without the pediatrician next door. We were kind of winging it in that regard. We have travelers insurance that covers both unexpected illness and emergencies/urgent care situations for the whole family, but we didn’t map out where doctor offices were in proximity to our apartment. The finer details were missed , but we had the bigger picture down. Back in the states we could take the kids in to the doctor whenever we wanted, I figured we would just figure it out when we needed to abroad.

Well, the time called. 
Nolan ushering me into la farmacia
We got familiar with the Farmicia real quick. And thanks to our friend Taylor Williams, an attorney in Scottsdale that sat down with us and mapped out a plan of travel dos and don’ts, we had a sheet of English speaking doctors and places to get checked out in Spain if we needed to use it (thanks Taylor!).
Rewind :: Before we left for Germany Griffin started to get ill and then I was closely behind. We hit our cold peaks in Germany where slapped on top of jet lag and no sleep from Portland to Germany, I was not a happy camper. Eventually I got over it as many colds resolve themselves and that was that.
Day 7 in Barcelona I thought to myself, “hmmm , that’s weird. I think I should have gotten my period…” In an extreme panic I looked at the calendar…”oh my god, I’m three days late.” Well three turned into five and I was truly sweating it (and threatening to kill Gregg). There isn’t an ounce of me that is ready for another child. I pretty much breastfeed Griffin 1,000 times a night AND he’s still in bed with us. There is hardly enough time alone with my new husband as is (so true), so I thought the chances of being pregnant were pretty slim, and Gregg was convinced I wasn’t (mostly true, I just didn’t want to die).
At any rate off to the good old Farmicia he went to buy a 9€ red line test that was very, very obviously negative. We looked online and apparently being late for a cycle or missing a cycle is incredibly normal when traveling internationally, coupled with the fact that I was sick and stressed, this made sense.
So lesson #1: you’re probably not pregnant, even when you’re late for your period in Barcelona.
Next we have my good old friend Mr. Nolan who I believed by the grace of God didn’t catch the cold Griffin and I had and he was now scott free.
Lesson #2: I was wrong, he got pinkeye (which does not translate straight across in Spanish and the pharmacist looked at us like we had a third eye and offered us their version of Clearasil).
So now Nolan has these red, goopy eyes and is congested. I’m certain his pinkeye (also know as conjunctivitis, which is the same word in Spanish) is a result from his new found cold and I’m correct. We start searching for the insurance cards and papers Taylor made for us, find them and realize maybe, in this case, it’s not the best option for us to go to an ER type of facility and the doctor’s offices looked like they were labeled as hospitals. I didn’t want to take Nolan to the hospital for pinkeye, no thank you.
So, I do a little research and find the Pharmacy of Barcelona and its a 9 minute walk away (11 according to my phone, but even more if you walk with a 4 year old). Gregg and Nolan go, talk to the pharmacist who then mixes together the perfect dose of eye drops for our little Nolan (gets the box from the back room), picks up a nasal aspirator for Griffin, probiotics for me, eye wipes and drops all for the low price of 34€ (I had to look at the screen to make sure I heard her right.  The price of some things here still surprises me.  It would have been a $100 doctor visit plus the eye drops in the U.S, not to mention the other supplies.). Which brings me to lesson #3..
Lesson #3: Barcelona continues to amaze me….. And when you’re in Barcelona and are sick, skip the doctor, find out what prescription you need, tell the pharmacist and skip home with joy when you find out its indeed not $1,000 to fill and you didn’t just wait five hours for eye drops.
The pharmacy we went to was a 9 minute walk (without a 4 year old who has to make the occasional wardrobe change to Ironman) and the Pharmacy advertised that they spoke French, Spanish, Arabic, English and someone knew Japanese, Chinese and more.

So that’s our little blurb for the week. We are putting together more information (with video) about our sit down with Taylor Williams, estate planner extraordinaire because all kidding aside, if you plan on traveling like we are or if you’re just planning the details for your estate and family, you should map it out with a professional and while we are bused, Williams & Williams in Scottsdale, Arizona is truly the best. (Thanks again Taylor!)
Do you like the comments from the peanut gallery (aka Gregg)?  Let us know in the comments below and thanks for reading.


  1. I loved Gregg’s commentary! I felt like I was listening to you both tell me a story like I was back at your house. Keep it comin! And get healthy!
    Love you all and miss you terribly.
    – wife

  2. I am so enjoying watching and reading about your travel escapades.what a great adventure you are on. Remember to let me know if you get to New Zealand!
    Hope you were able to use your little wedding gift for something memorable. Love you all


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