Our time in Barcelona

We had a great time here for just over 30 days.  We took a ton of pictures and a few videos of the city and the family.  They are organized here (I hope).

Arc de Triomf

Basilica Santa Maria del Mar

La Sagrada Familia

Parc de la Ciutadella

Basílica de la Merced

Castell de Montjuïc

Basilica of Saints Justus and Pastor

Barcelona Cathedral

Art (coming soon)

Others (coming soon)

Videos (coming soon)


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How traveling empowered me

How traveling empowered me

How traveling empowered me   Question: What is the most empowering thing you have ever done? For me the answer was a tie: 1. Giving birth to my sons 2. Breastfeeding them I had completely different birthing experiences with my children, but breastfeeding was relatively easy for me. I was very fortunate. Breastfeeding and childbirth made me feel powerful as a woman. To know that you have created a human life and then proceed to nourish that child with the body from whence it came is really, really cool. The human body is AMAZING. The downside to breastfeeding is that it is somewhat of a hot topic in the United States. Overwhelmingly I have been greeted with support, but there are many women who haven’t been as fortunate as I have been. Some women are told to cover up, we are marketed products to conceal ourselves and shield others from witnessing a very normal and very powerful part of motherhood and infancy. Why? Don’t ask the French, Spanish, Italians or Germans. They don’t know why it’s an issue either…. As we continued to travel I continued to become a more confident and empowered woman because: I could walk through the streets of Barcelona at night by myself or with my children without the fear of who might be lurking around the corner. Despite being warned of the turbulence abroad and constantly being on the receiving end of cautionary tales about robberies and terrorism, we were always safe. There were no cat calls, no gawking at my breasts, no staring when I fed Griffin. No one told me to smile...

First 2 Weeks in Barcelona

Barcelona Hola! We made it to Barcelona three weeks ago and have loved every minute of this incredible city. To change things up a little bit I thought I would highlight the top 10 sites we have been to so you a) aren’t reading forever and b) can see some of our incredible pictures we have taken thus far. Before I get onto the list, here are some fun facts about Barcelona Not all the shops close for a siesta, but they do operate at completely random times and I cannot keep track of when they open for business, are closed for the day or go on vacation Every street is lined with at least six ice cream shops, bakeries, supermarkets and pharmacies. When you turn the corner you will undoubtedly be met with more bakeries, more ice cream shops and more pharmacies Diapers are cheap, food is cheaper and liquor is cheapest You rarely see dogs on leashes, no one asks to pet them and they all pee in the street (which is also cleaned every morning) You are constantly finding hidden treasures within the streets and alleyways There are not as many incidents of pick-pocketing as we were warned about (currently knocking on wood) Actually getting to sit outside without having to wait for an hour is kind of an honor here, although you won’t get to stand on a podium to receive a metal—mostly because you don’t want to give up your spot There aren’t as many cats as I imagined there would be. Actually we’ve only seen 3 and one was a giant statue Spaniards...