Minimalistic living = Maximum joy

Hi and welcome to our adventure, we are so happy to have crossed paths with you! We are a family of four traveling full time across the planet in search of adventure. In January of 2016 my husband Gregg and I decided we wanted to sell everything and travel, but there was a catch… at the time we had a three month old and three year old. How would we do it? Can we work, play and explore different countries with small children? The answer was yes, or more realistically, let’s find out! So over the next six months we decided to plan our wedding and a trip around the world with our kids. Did I mention we were going to sell all of our belongings too? * what we hope to get out of this experience * Simply put, we believe minimal living will bring maximum joy. Together as a family we will dive into different cultures, taste new foods, explore this beautiful planet and do our best to live as earth conscious as possible. We anticipate rough roads and communication barriers and it excites us as the same time. We hope to share travel tips and share our experiences with other families and aspiring globe trotters to show just how realistic it is to travel whatever your circumstances might be.


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Here are a few accounts of our recent travels, blogs, experiences:

Our trip to San Diego and Coronado Island CA

San Diego / Coronado Island We came here for four days and spent our time split between San Diego and Coronado Island which is where we got married. Because we had such an amazing time and it is such a popular hot spot for tourism and vacationing we thought it was important to add this location as one of our first blogs! We have included where we stayed and what we ate to start you out on some great spots for your next vacay. 📍Where to stay So far we are only using Air BnB for our lodging. Why?? There are TONS of reasons we choose air bnb but speaking as the mom I’ll highlight the top two: 1. Freedom lodging and 2. Affordable! We have traveled quite a bit as a family and many hotel experiences are downright stressful! Our four year old Nolan has always been an independent sleeper. Once he hit 2 we said goodnight, closed the door and he slept for 10-11 hours. He never slept with me as a toddler either, so co-sleeping and room sharing really messed him up. He would cry to stay up longer, poke me in the eye and inevitably when he passed out from exhaustion hours after bedtime I’d get assaulted by little elbows and feet all night long … Needless to say, Nolan likes to have his own room, and without paying an arm and a leg for a suite, you don’t get that unless you choose a lodging option like AirBnB. Along with spare rooms, you often get a fully equipped kitchen, laundry room, free wifi, a...


Is there somewhere that you have been that is on our bucket list? Do you have suggestions or recommendations of things we need to experience or places we need to stay for our upcoming adventures. Let us know here....