Our trip to San Diego and Coronado Island CA

San Diego / Coronado Island

We came here for four days and spent our time split between San Diego and Coronado Island which is where we got married. Because we had such an amazing time and it is such a popular hot spot for tourism and vacationing we thought it was important to add this location as one of our first blogs! We have included where we stayed and what we ate to start you out on some great spots for your next vacay.

Chelsea's House

📍Where to stay

So far we are only using Air BnB for our lodging. Why?? There are TONS of reasons we choose air bnb but speaking as the mom I’ll highlight the top two: 1. Freedom lodging and 2. Affordable!

We have traveled quite a bit as a family and many hotel experiences are downright stressful! Our four year old Nolan has always been an independent sleeper. Once he hit 2 we said goodnight, closed the door and he slept for 10-11 hours. He never slept with me as a toddler either, so co-sleeping and room sharing really messed him up. He would cry to stay up longer, poke me in the eye and inevitably when he passed out from exhaustion hours after bedtime I’d get assaulted by little elbows and feet all night long …

Needless to say, Nolan likes to have his own room, and without paying an arm and a leg for a suite, you don’t get that unless you choose a lodging option like AirBnB. Along with spare rooms, you often get a fully equipped kitchen, laundry room, free wifi, a backyard to play in and amenities that are east to search for on the app.

Second is the big A– affordable. We have stayed in Portland at an AirBnB during peak season in a two bedroom apartment for less than $150 a night, all inclusive. You won’t get that anywhere else unless you’re in a dinky motel wayyyyy outside the city; even then the rooms are 10x smaller, don’t have a full kitchen or laundry room inside the unit.

When we were searching for places to stay over our wedding weekend Chelsea’s two bedroom, 1 bathroom vacation home was the perfect fit for us. She had a pack and play, high chair, bought super crunchy SLS -free bottle wash, provided snacks, shared a massive binder filled with things to do in San Diego, had beach toys and games for the kids all nearly packed inside her sweet little home. We LOVED it and couldn’t wait to write a to-the- moon positive review.

Chelsea’s place was fifteen minutes to Coronado which made our day trips easy and without issue. I loved that we were able to save tons of money and have the space and amenities we needed to make our wedding weekend as stress free as possible.

🍕  Where to eat

We use YELP for pretty much all our meal choices — let’s break it down day by day to give you a some awesome suggestions. These aren’t all the places we chose to munch but these are definitely our favorites….

Tuesday 6/21 : 📍 Communal Coffee, San Diego

Breakfast at Communal CoffeeFor breakfast Griffin and I walked three blocks to Communal Coffee– this place had Shelley written all over it with the patio that was shared with a nursery and the XX “20,000 underneath the sea” playing in the background. Not only is this joint a hipster’s paradise, but they offer healthy breakfast options AND tons of options for coffee. I had the avocado toast with an egg ($7.50) and a drip coffee ($2). I picked up a fruit, yogurt and granola cup for Nolan ($7.50) and a generous slice of veggie quiche for Gregg ($7.50). Griffin and I hung out, listened to music and talked to a super friendly local before walking back to deliver breakfast to the starving troop at “home”

Dinner: 📍 Village Pizzaria , Coronado island (bayside)

Ship in Coronado BaysideUghhhh , this place was ah-mazing 10/10 for our rehearsal dinner

We originally were going to go beachside at the same location but with no reservations allowed there and a Party of 20 I was uneasy about committing. The gods of pizza smiled down upon us because the bayside location was 100% the better choice for our event. The patio is completely outdoors with large windows from floor to ceiling overlooking the beach and bay where freights and cargo ships sail right on by…. Nolan and cousins Mia and Eli were super excited about it. There was space for the kids to run around and the staff was so sweet about it.

We got two large pizzas- a roasted vegetarian which was a huge hit (I didn’t get any 😭) and the white three cheese (1/2 cheese for the kids) which was a hit. Our third extra-large was a pepperoni for our omnivore family members — with garlic knots on happy hour and two large dinner salads there was more than enough for everyone. I highly recommend d this place for family dining

Wednesday (WEDDING DAY!)

Breakfast again at Communal Coffee because why not

Lunch: 📍 Marriott, Coronado Island

I had a delicious sandwich with beer battered fries before getting dolled up for the wedding ($11). There are also tons of salads to choose from that are the perfect blend of protein and veggie packed which makes you feel full and healthy at the same time. Uniquely to their hotel, they also have grain bowls with seasonal veggies and a to-die-for sauce!

Dinner: 📍 Miguel’s Cocina , Coronado island (beach side)

Nolan outside of Miguel's We had our reception here on the patio and I was so, so pleased. If you find yourself in the area GO! Get the chips and guacamole, cheese enchiladas and/or steak fajitas and a skinny margarita with agave nectar … You will not go wrong. They have a signature spicy, cheesy dip that is savory and has a little kick to it as well.  (They offer a habenero cheese dip that actually does have kick for people like Gregg.) It is hailed as the best Mexican food in town and we would have to agree. Griffin in San Diego, CA coffee shop

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