10 Airbnb Listings You Don’t Want To Miss

Travelers, rejoice! We have compiled the best and most sought after Airbnb rental homes world wide for your viewing and booking pleasure.

If you haven’t booked with Airbnb before I’ll quickly tell you a little bit about the app.

Airbnb is an all encompassing home/room rental app that allows you to book a room or entire home during your travels. When we traveled through Europe we used Airbnb every time we booked a new destination. As a full time traveling family it was important for us to have the option of cooking meals in our home if we wanted (money saver) and have a separate room for Nolan without paying an arm and a leg. But the best part about our experience with Airbnb was interacting with our hosts.
Our hosts were locals and acted as our guide relaying the best restaurants, coolest non-tourist destinations and give us vital information like where the bus stop was, how often it ran, where to get our train passes, etc.

In 2012 Airbnb launched a feature on their app called Wish List. Users are now able to browse through selecting and saving their favorite home listings. It is like online shopping for the most beautiful, creative and desired travel destination. How can you go wrong?

So here we are! The 10 most desired world wide listings on Airbnb. Pack your bags and cash in your vacation time, the world is waiting!

10. Secluded Intown Treehouse

Atlanta, GA

Awarded the #1 slot for most desired Airbnb listing last year, this secluded Atlanta, Georgia tree house makes us want to pack a rucksack and head out east (is that a thing?) and be one with nature here. This listing has three furnished rooms with eye catching features making it luxurious and rustic. Who doesn’t want to live out their childhood but in the most comfortable and adult way possible??

Bonus points: It is just minutes from downtown, so if you want to experience all ATL has to offer, you’re a quick ride away.

Learn more about the treehouse HERE

9. Pirates of the Caribbean Getaway

Topanga Canyon, CA

Private, secluded and pirate themed, this Topanga Canyon boasts a colorful homage to the Pirate of the Caribbean films and doesn’t miss a beat while doing so. Enjoy a midnight soak in the private hot tub or explore the surrounding area for ponds and waterfalls. This listing, like many other Airbnb homes has all the modern conveniences with a twist of pirate fun.

Check out this listing HERE

8. Bali Treehouse

Balian Beach (Bali), Indonesia

Wanna get away? Bali might be the perfect place to use up your hard earned vacation time. This Bali tree house listing is one of the most desired listings in Bali and it’s not hard to see why. There are gardens, a private pool, romantic room decor and best of all it is just a quick three minute walk to the pristine beaches of Bali. What more could you ask for?

Come relax in Bali and get more info HERE

7. The Seashell House

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Just a hop, skip and a jump from the Cancun International Airport, the now world famous Seashell House in Isla Mujures, Mexico is a brainchild of architects / homeowners / next door neighbors Eduardo and Raquel Ocampo. It is a self proclaimed retreat out of the busy tourist bubble which boasts gorgeous hillside views and all the modern conveniences you need to feel right at home. The Seashell House offers two bedrooms and two beds for up to four guests, so grab some friends and make your way to this unique listing before it is completely booked up!

More information HERE

6. Mushroom Dome Cabin

Aptos, CA

Welcome to a minimalist’s dream home. Mushroom Dome Cabin is a geodesic dome loft that is one of the most desired, booked and wish listed listings on Airbnb. Guests who have stayed here mention the calm relaxing atmosphere being one of the best aspects along with the unexpected hummingbird visitors who frequent the dome. The cabin allows pets, kids and past visitors leave nothing but boasting reviews about their time spent here.

More information on this listing HERE

5. Cob Cottage Cabin

Maine Island, BC Canada

Cob Cottage in British Columbia looks like it was pulled straight out of a fairy tale book and gently placed down off the shore of Maine Island. Surrounding the cottage you will find sheep, chickens, and a host who is notoriously generous and kind. With all 5 star reviews former temporary tenants describe Alexis, the host, as incredibly kind even leaving eggs and fresh banana bread out for her weary travelers. Wake up to the sound of the farm and take a leisurely stroll along the banks of this wonderful spot.

Get more information about he cottage HERE

4. TreeHouse Casa Barthel

Florence, Tuscany, Italy

A tree house hotel is probably not the first place that comes to mind when you’re thinking about booking a room in Florence, Italy. Lucky for you, it isn’t out of the question! The tree house Casa Barthel is a modern tree home nestled in the Tuscan landscape. With panoramic views you won’t believe it is only a twenty minute drive to tourist hot spots like the Duomo and an hour from Siena. Feel like a true Florentine artist picking olives from the homeowner’s olive trees and immerse yourself in the local culture surrounding this Tuscan paradise!

More information HERE

3. Traveling Light Mongolian Yurt

Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada

It has always been a dream of ours to go see the Northern lights. In Yukon Territory, Canada it is possible to see the stunning light show in the sky while staying in your very own yurt. Yes, I said yurt. I like to think that yurt’ing is like glamping (glamorous camping)… the only way you should camp, in my humble opinion. Amanda sets up her Airbnb listing on 21 acres of land near Cowley Lake. Feast on homemade breakfast and gaze upon the rolling mountains of Canada during your once in a lifetime stay here.

Wanna yurt? Learn more HERE

2. Beach Front Lighthouse

Medulin, Croatia

Sun, sand and sea — come one, come all to the light house by the sea in Croatia. This spot is highly sought after, secluded and perfect for the getaway you’ve always wanted. Immaculately designed and secluded this lighthouse has everything you want and more. With modern conveniences mixed in with an authentic seaside experience your friends won’t believe it until they see it for themselves. To top off your one of a kind experience the hosts offer a free of charge boat ride to nearby islands for you and your group (or guest) to enjoy. I bet you didn’t know that you’ve always wanted to stay in a lighthouse, did you? Go!

Learn more HERE

1. “Live Like a King in My Castle”

Galway, Ireland

Did someone just invite me to live like a King (ahem, Queen) in his castle? When can I start? I’ve always pictured myself cloaked in velvet, wielding a staff and being adorned in jewels while overseeing my kingdom … this seems like a good place to start practicing. The owner of the castle, Peter describes his castle as an authentic, medieval gem surrounded by luscious grass and farmland. With over 600 5-star reviews Peter’s castle has guests raving about the service, location and overall experience being one of the best they have had in their entire lives. Who can say they have spent the night living like royalty in 2017? Hopefully YOU can!

Learn more about Peter’s castle HERE


Well, what are you waiting for?? LETS GO!!









  1. Awesome list. I am a treehouse aficionado myself, so I loved it!

    • Awesome! Thanks for reading!

  2. I’m adding all of these to my wish list! I’ve been eyeing that mushroom dome for a while as it’s so close to our home… I totally shop for airbnb like some people shop online for clothes 😛

    • I’ve been eyeing the mushroom dome, too! What a magical looking place. I think a stay-cation is in order for you!

  3. Those Airbnb locations are so awesome! I want to go to them all! The Pirates of the Caribbean-themed getaway is just something else! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • It is a great list, I’ve gotta say! The pirates jacuzzi has me with all the heart eyes


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