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Who we are

👨: Better known as Dad, Gregg is the oldest in the household and arguably the wisest. He is a creator of all things including but not limited to: websites, chicken coops, fancy Lego spaceships  and unique dinners usually made up of leftovers. He has one ticklish spot, has an extremely loud laugh, enjoys traveling, hugs, dessert, Jack Reacher and country music. It is rumored he was a ninja in his former “before kids” life, but there is no way to be completely certain.
👧: Shelley or “Mommy” is the only girl in the house and arguably the smartest. She takes care of her squad by cooking yummy food, bestowing endless knowledge upon eager ears and always making sure Dad has an opportunity to stay busy closing bags and cabinets she frequently leaves open. She only eats the bottom half of a Twix bar, loves the environment and is desperately obsessed with elephants. In her limited free time she seeks to answer some of the toughest questions in life like what will my toddler actually eat for dinner and when will my infant sleep through the night?
👦: The oldest child of the family is Nolan, and he is definitely the second smartest person in the family. He enjoys pretty much everything as long as he is able to make rules. He is a fearless leader, speaks three languages, is double jointed in his feet and is pretty much amazing at everything he does.
👶: Griffin is the baby. He likes Mom, Dad, big brother, his binks, seeking out and eating items that are not food and hanging out in Mom’s Tula.

We hope you enjoy the website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Please check back for updates!

Thank You,
Shelley, Gregg, Nolan, and Griffin